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  • "I wanted to say thanks for the alert service. I now have the confidence to enter my trades correctly. Keep the winners coming!"

    Chris F.Joplin, MO
  • "Just wanted to let you know how easy your alerts are to follow! Just what I needed, since I've only been trading for a few weeks. Keep up the good work!"

    Sarah O.Kansas City
  • "I'm LOVING these trade alerts! Made money on my first five trades. Thanks again!"

    Brandon C.Springfield, Illinois
  • "Wow! That last adjustment you made on SPX really saved the trade. I would have lost money...but you turned it into a winner. Nice work!"

    Brice L.South Dakota
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    Alicia TichenorCEO, Ein Sof Foundation
  • "Great Course!"

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  • "There is a goldmine of info in this course. Can't believe it is currently a free course. If you wish to learn how to put the odds in your favor by selling options, take this course. You won't be sorry."

    Frank P.
  • "Great information, delivered in a way that is easily understood."

    Steven Beals
  • "Steve, this is a GREAT course..!!!, I really learnt more then a lot and as a very new beginner trader, this was one of the best course I have ever taken. Very helpful, clear,detailed, now I feel much more confident in trading. Thank YOU...!!!"

    Enzo DiGennaroOwner, Advertise Express
  • Regarding Trading Options With Money Flow course   "The level of info received in a short period of time is astounding. Of course this assumes a core knowledge but if you made it this far you have that foundation."

    Chris Barber
  • "the speaker breaks down the entire process of the Iron Condor to a very understandable level. So far so Good!!!"


    Gary Glassman
  • "This is an excellent course. I've taken three courses from this instructor and they are all very informative and walk you step by step through the process of setting up the trades. It's exactly what I'm looking for in a trading course. The videos are just the right length and concepts are explained well."

    Jason Hernandez
  • "Excellent course!!! I have learned a lot."

    Aleksandar Gonevski
  • "I highly recommend this course. The mentor has delivered the lesson in a clear and precise manner. Thanks."

    Jimmy LU
  • "A thorough explanation, with worked Examples, of the Type of Options Trades used. It also covers Trade Adjustment, and Money Management, to enhance the probability of long Term Success. Especially helpful was showing the use of the Trading Platform that the Lecturer uses. A good Discount on trading Cost for Course Purchasers, with this reputed Broker is also offered."

    Andrew D Coles
  • "Great course. Can't wait to try this strategy."

    Benjamin Hanken
  • "Great course, learned a lot and look forward to doing more with navigation trading"

    Ryan Napoli
  • "I've been into options trading for about a year now. This is a great refresher course for me"

    Dax Lim
  • "I enjoyed the course. It is informative and I am currently going through the other courses by Navigation Trading."

    Koi Ho
  • "The information was presented very well and it was fairly simple to implement the techniques introduced in this course."

    Carlyle Bruno
  • "What I love about this course is that its focus on application of the concepts and strategies that are taught in this course. Almost every lecture shows you the demo of how to place option trades. I learnt something new and already applying it by placing real trades. Thanks to Stephen and Navigation Trading for this course."

    Ram Navan
  • "This video provides very good insight on the Iron Condor strategy. This instruction is closer to real life application than some of the others out there. A lot of people don't realize how easily you can get burned trading Iron Condors - it's not a "set it and forget it" strategy like so many claim. This course does a good job teaching you how to get in and out with relative safety and assurance, which is the key to successful options trading."

    Luis Cribeiro
  • "Great overview of basics with a teaching style that's easy to understand."

    Michael Kaminsky
  • "Very informative course. Very good quality video."

    Laurent Briere
  • "Best Iron condor course!"

    Bharatkumar Fumakiya
  • "This is a thorough and professionally presented course made to be easily understood by even a novice trader."

    Jerry Pettibone
  • "This is very informative. The instructor has a genuine interest in his student's success and he delivers the information in a way that makes this apparent."

    Seth Hartline
  • "Presenter knows his content and its well executed."

    Veneta Blair
  • "I liked all the explanations given in the course very detailed! great course!"

    Paul Gaxiola
  • "Excellent course just like all the other ones from Navigation Trading. Quality instruction, clear and concise with detailed walk through on the TOS platform."

    Paul Chew
  • "This course is worth far more than the amount I paid. Thank you, Stephen!"

    Seth Hartline
  • "Awesome!!! I love it! Very well done. I took the basics first, then followed with this course. This was a perfect learning order for me."

    Ahmad Sultan
  • "Thanks for making it easy for us who do not have time to try to figure out stock market to know how to trade options in a straight and concise way."

    Ahmad Sultan
  • "This is the third course I took. The flow from previous ones is very nice. I like the order so far: 1. Option Basics 2. How to make 15% a month using options (iron condor strategy) 3. Money Flow (this course - using indicators and long and short trades - vertical spreads) Revisiting some concepts from previous courses was a good reminder."

    Ahmad Sultan
  • "This was very well done. Even though it was very basic on options, it provided excellent information on using the thinkorswim platform."

    Richard Reid
  • "Simple, concise explanations with supporting visuals. Excellent!"

    Jim Lockwood
  • "This course contains very clear, very specific recommendations for how to make this strategy work. Making the trades is also demonstrated clearly in the trading platform."

    Ron Moore
  • "Clear explanations and realistic scenarios for trading options."

    Alvin Yap
  • "This is an excellent course for both new and experienced traders. Probably more so for new traders, but Steve's explanations and examples are very thoughtful, make perfect sense, and are very complete. I highly recommend this course to new and intermediate traders who want to learn about how to trade Iron Condor's for consistent profits."

    Jeff Thomas
  • "The information provide in this course is excellent. The instructor is clear and concise. The steps are easy to follow and understand."

    Richard Reid
  • "Excellent Course!!! One of the best instructors I have had regarding this subject. Solid strategy and excellent explanation of IV, adjustments and performance expectations."

    Martin Posgay
  • "Informative and step by step approach to finding and putting on the trade."

    Derek Hudson
  • "I have been trading options for over five years. This course puts the jargon into terms that are easily understood. I am looking forward to learning about and trading the iron condor."

    James Reynolds
  • "Top Quality production easy to understand!"

    Kirk Leaberry
  • "This is is the Best Options Trading Course I have seen. Thank you."

    Wayne Spaziano
  • "I've always wondered how to play the "defensive game" when trading undefined risk and these series of videos does a FANTASTIC job at explaining all the concepts. Great information and very detailed!"

    Ryan Thurston
  • "This is a great course. It is the simplest Iron condor course I have taken. He gives you a step by step process to implement the course. I look forward to using his teaching in my trading."

    Sri Dhatree

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